Refund, Cancellation, & Renewal Policies


For online video subscriptions, Fox Motorcycle Institute will refund your VIDEOPASS subscription in full, if within the first 7 days of your subscription, you are not able to watch our videos running smoothly due to excessive buffering issues, video stoppage, excessive pauses, and/or the fact that your internet connection is simply not fast enough to feed our video stream to you.


You may cancel your VIDEOPASS membership at any time. Cancellation of your membership will be effective the next billing cycle.


Your VIDEOPASS membership subscription is renewed automatically. However, we will send you an Email one month prior to renewing your membership to let you know that we are going to bill your card for another year of membership.

In response to our Email, if you want to cancel your VIDEOPASS membership, we ask that you send us an Email stating so, and we will not renew your membership or run your credit or debit card for another year of membership.