Online Motorcycle Repair Course

We don’t just tell you what to do, we show you how to do it!

20 years teaching motorcycle mechanics with instructional videos and hands-on workshops at our shop in Ohio. Instructional videos on Harley engine building, overhaul, troubleshooting, and much more.


Online Motorcycle Repair Course

Have detailed instructional videos at your fingertips for ONLY $99 PER YEAR.

Professional Online Motorcycle Repair Course Textbooks

Our online motorcycle repair course offers comprehensive and meticulously filmed online instructional videos and 28 textbooks totaling 1,262 pages of instruction (48 pages per textbook).

In addition, our 28 textbooks give you 1,921 test questions, and we also give you the answers to our true/false and multiple-choice questions – (68 test questions per textbook).

It took us about 4 years to film our professional grade instructional videos and write 28 professional level textbooks for our online motorcycle repair course. You won’t find detailed instructional motorcycle mechanic videos, or exhaustive textbook materials like ours anywhere else.

The typical motorcycle mechanic textbook you can buy is not very detailed or clear. They just touch on motorcycle theory in a vague manner and quickly move on. It’s a disaster for the student.

An online motorcycle repair course requires huge attention to detail in presenting theory and practical hands-on wrenching procedures in a concise step-by-step presentation. We present beginning and advanced materials without skipping over important concepts and therefore confusing students.

Online Motorcycle Repair Course

It’s not hard to frustrate students by wandering all over the place with your teaching style. This is a typical problem with an online motorcycle repair course that uses instructional videos. Teachers wander down rabbit holes, and skip procedural steps and important concepts and parts along the way. We don’t do this at Fox Motorcycle Institute.

An online motorcycle repair course requires an understanding of motorcycle mechanics from the background of having completed many years of hands-on teaching in workshops. We have 14 years of hands-on teaching experience at our shop.

It took a college background and 4 years of research and writing to write the 28 textbooks we offer at Fox Motorcycle Institute. You can’t be just a good motorcycle mechanic in order to be a good teacher. You have to know how to teach and use the English language in a way that is clear and does not confuse students and create more questions than answers. Not an easy task.

It took endless hours of tedious and meticulous video shooting and writing to create the instructional videos and textbooks for our online motorcycle repair course. You won’t be disappointed.

Read our student testimonials. We think you will be impressed!

Online Motorcycle Repair Course

Buy a VIDEOPASS annual subscription and watch step-by-step instructional videos from our workshops, classroom lectures from our courses, and many other videos from our huge archive.

Have detailed instructional videos at your fingertips for ONLY $99 PER YEAR.