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Have detailed instructional videos at your fingertips for ONLY $99 PER YEAR.

Have detailed instructional videos at your fingertips for ONLY $99 PER YEAR.

Fox Motorcycle Institute Testimonial

“I previously attended a different chopper building boot camp, and when compared to that school, the Fox Motorcycle Institute classes are much more in depth. I learned more useable knowledge by far than the other school. I would highly recommend this course. On top of that, the cost of the course is less.”

Glenn S.
Ypsilanti, MI

Fox Motorcycle Institute Testimonial

“This is Brian – I am the guy who lives in California. I took your class about a year and a half ago. I wanted to let you know how you helped motivate and inspire me. I have started a mobile bike repair shop. It started just on the weekends and now I have went full time. Since I took your class I have rebuilt 11 motors (5 twin cams & 6 evo’s) and built 4 bobbers for paying customers. I just wanted to drop you a note just to say thank you!”

Brian S.
Elk Grove, CA

Fox Motorcycle Institute Testimonial

“Your engine building course is the most comprehensive course that I have found available …. it teaches you everything you need to know to completely strip down & build up an engine, and I mean everything!! (flywheel truing & balancing included… unheard of in other courses!!) The teaching is by no means daunting or technically overwhelming as you allow students to acclimatize themselves with the knowledge before progressing .

The reference notebook you supplied to take with us has been revisited many times since my arrival home as they “cut through the crap” & supplied me with “ need to know” information without wading through pages & pages over hours & hours . As far as I’m concerned the 2 day engine building course paid for my trip alone (extremely well worth it!!).

The 3 day chopper building course and all the war stories are a serious eye opener man ( I reckon hearing those war stories alone saved me the cost of my trip …not to mention the hours of heartache of getting parts that don’t fit or don’t work right. They surprised me man!! good to know!! )

As you know my personal interest on the chopper build was the 3” belt drive installation (in case you couldn’t tell by the 50 questions ) mmmm or was it tearing down the carburetor ( there’s another 50 questions)

Basically Chuck, I can’t say enough … these courses exceeded my expectations – they are very well rounded & I would gladly recommend these to anyone, & any builder regardless of skill level . I said to you I would be back for a second time round & I meant it (There is some seriously good knowledge to be gained )… fingers crossed I am planning to come back next year to Fox Motorcycle Institute for a refresher.”

New Zealand
(Phil flew 16,718 miles round trip from New Zealand to our workshops in Ohio!)

Fox Motorcycle Institute Testimonial

“After 10 years of collecting bike magazines and dreaming, I finally purchased a rolling chassis and began the process of building my bike. I first ordered a drive train package that included the engine, transmission and open belt drive. When I opened the box of parts for the belt drive, I knew I was in trouble!

Having never done this before, I began looking at my options. The local chopper shop volunteered to assemble everything on the bike for $4,000. Since I wanted more knowledge about my bike other than who to write the check to, I decided to pursue other alternatives. Searching the internet, I found Fox Motorcycle Institute. It sounded like just what I needed. I was right. Actually, it was a lot more then I expected.

After two days at the chopper school, I had the details and confidence I needed to complete every aspect of the bike building project. It wasn’t just an overview of bike building. It was a step-bystep process starting from a bare frame, getting our hands dirty, and assembling a completed bike.

Chuck’s no-nonsense approach to each phase started with the top-end tear down and rebuild of an 80 inch Harley motor. We then installed the engine, drive train, wheels, brakes, controls, wiring… everything.

Each installation process included all the little details that can cause problems along the way. Bottom line, I saved a ton of headaches I didn’t even know were coming.

Whether you are trying to customize your existing bike, or, like me, want to build one of your own, you will save a lot of time and money with the knowledge you get from just 2 1/2 days at Fox Motorcycle Institute. Good luck.”

Bop P.
Tampa, FL

Fox Motorcycle Institute Testimonial

“Thanks for the class. I really learned a lot. You made it so easy with your hands-on approach. Before the class, all I could do, besides riding a bike, was a simple oil change or any old bolt-on type stuff. After the class, I’m seriously considering getting an old 84-99 Harley Softail to rebuild the engine and move all the parts on to a nice rigid rolling chassis. Basically, building my own bobber from spare parts. Once I do I’ll send you some pics.

I totally recommend Fox Motorcycle Institute to anyone interested in building their own bike because the skills Iearned and the experience and war stories you shared with us really teach us the things we need to know to get the build done right. Your class makes the difference. Thanks Again.”

Armando A.
Miami, FL

Fox Motorcycle Institute Testimonial

“I think everyone who wants to build a bike needs this school. The money that will be saved far outweighs the cost. I flew from Maine to go to the school, and this school has everything to build a bike – no BS, just real hands on training. It does not matter whether you are building a chopper, bobber, Pro Street, or a kit. Just do the school and you will be ahead on time and cost.”

Ed H.

Fox Motorcycle Institute Testimonial

“I just wanted to say thanks again for a very informative class last week. I think I speak for all 3 of us in that we came home from Columbus feeling that we certainly got our money’s worth and our confidence has been bolstered to take on the projects that we’ve been planning. It’s hard to say how much time and aggravation you saved us, but it’s significant. It’s a pretty cool feeling to know how to build a bike.”

Chris H.

Fox Motorcycle Institute Testimonial

“Chuck’s course offers a complete tear down and rebuild of a Harley V-Twin, and includes installing the engine into a frame and firing it up. Reaming rod bushings, measuring parts tolerances for wear with micrometers, and torquing all bolts to critical specs under the watchful eye of an instructor raises one’s confidence level greatly. I can now do my own cam changes and am tooling up to do complete engine rebuilds out of my retirement hobby shop. I highly recommend Chuck Sheridan and his Fox Motorcycle Institute workshops.”

James H.
Colonel, United States Army, MP, (retired)

Fox Motorcycle Institute Testimonial

“I have always had a great respect for people that were mechanically inclined, especially those folks that are able to build their own motorcycles. After having ridden for over 25 years, I thought it was about time for me to get familiar with the inner working of a bike, not only to develop a detailed understanding of how things worked, but also with the goal of being able to build my own bike sometime in the foreseeable future.

After taking the Engine, Chopper Building and TIG Welding courses I feel completely confident with the issues associated with building a bike, as well as managing any engine issues that might be present.

As an added bonus from taking the courses, I feel really confident in my ability to handle any maintenance or engine modifications to my bike, as well as diagnosis and repair of mechanical problems that might occur while on a long trip. Right now, I would have no issue performing a valve job, installing a new cam and adjustable push rods, and could even see myself completely rebuilding an older motor in the future.

Chuck presented the material in a logical and easy to understand manner. There was enough technical information passed along so that I learned why something operated the way it did – but what really was helpful was the real-world information and experience I obtained.

The ‘war stories’ and other hands-on experience helped add clarity to the more technical aspects of bike building. Chuck has a great teaching ability and kept the classes fun, entertaining and informative. Now that I have taken the workshops, I’m looking forward to building my bike in the next few months and am happy to know what to expect as well as have the skills necessary to successfully complete the project and to really enjoy the process.”

Baxter G.

Fox Motorcycle Institute Testimonial

“I come from a biker family – my grand father and my father plus all my uncles ride Harleys. Unfortunately the official people in Kuwait that service bikes charge you an arm and a leg for service, and heaven forbid you want to change a part or customize. It might very well cost you a fortune!

So I thought to be a true biker I needed to learn the skills to work on my bike, and that’s why I attended the workshops. I learned a lot of useful information that is saving me a lot of money. I’m looking forward to building a custom chopper with the knowledge of engines and skills in tig welding – (which by the way is very useful for every day life). I aim to build a chopper worthy of the best magazine cover, so you can look forward to a segment on a chopper and engine builder from Kuwait in your favorite bike magazine. So you want to be a custom bike builder? Well what are you waiting for!”


Fox Motorcycle Institute Testimonial

“I came to the chopper, engine and TIG welding workshops to gain experience in building my own custom bikes. I learned how to fully rebuild a Harley Evolution engine from the ground up – something I would not have learned without a lot of costly trial and error. I learned a lot about custom bike assembly and a lot of tricks in just a few days that would have taken years to learn. I came out of the course very confident to be able to build my own custom bike.

The course paid for itself many times over. I would have without a doubt ended up paying $5-10K additional for a custom bike that would be still in pieces with lots of parts that don’t fit!

If you are serious about building your own bike, invest in this course. It paid for itself twice over including all my travel and hotel costs from the UAE where I currently work. I’m building a bike for 20K that was going to cost me $30K. Now I know how to do it myself, what I need, and where to get it. “You can’t afford not to take this course from Fox Motorcycle Institute.”

Australia & UAE

Fox Motorcycle Institute Testimonial

“Most guys can’t write well and don’t want to take the time to write a comprehensive testimonial, despite my many requests. However, one more student did in fact take the time – a computer systems engineer from North Carolina – and here is his testimonial on the workshops:

“Your class was extremely comprehensive, well organized, and operated. I believe the class was good for those making a career out of cycle mechanics and to the common enthusiast that is looking to pursue a dream experience. Despite having some experience on cars and bikes, the entire engine assemblies and some of the other cycle systems had been somewhat of a mystery to me which I felt I would not touch due to not understanding them… but not anymore.

Your workshop exceeded my expectations greatly and crammed 20+ years of bike experience into 4 days that even someone brand new to mechanics can become proficient and confident enough to take on a full bike build and be successful while still providing value to even the most seasoned bike wrenchers.

I found the issues/solutions discussions very constructive. The Fox Motorcycle Institute course not only provides how-to do something, but also how to approach the problems you may run into, along with giving us a mindset that will give you everything you need to ultimately finish a complete bike build that will last the test of time.”

Rob L.
December 2015 Workshops

Have detailed instructional videos at your fingertips for ONLY $99 PER YEAR.

Have detailed instructional videos at your fingertips for ONLY $99 PER YEAR.